Research and development

Spending time outdoors when it's cold, humid or hot is one thing - working under these conditions is a completely different story. Taiga's vision to develop the world's most durable workwear places tough demands on our garments – and equally tough demands on our competences and skills.

Tested in real life situations

Our product development starts with you, the user of the garments. Each piece of garment is developed in close collaboration with professionals from a range of different industries over several years.

Our developers, pattern designers and fabric managers meet up with our most dedicated users out in the field to gain an understanding of how our clothes are used. What do people put in their pockets and how is the life of the garment impacted? Are the reflectors still visible after several years of use? Is the insulation and ventilation sufficient when changing between rest and activity in an arctic environment?

We can recreate the world's most challenging weather conditions in our own test facility - Taiga Climate Lab. We expose the clothes to harsh tests to ensure they meet all the necessary requirements.

Prior to that, we spent several years together with the users to develop, enhance and perfect our products. And the result is workwear that performs under real - life conditions, not only in theory.

Knowledge and innovation

The human body performs best in temperatures between +28ºC and + 32ºC. That's when the body is able to warm and cool itself and the senses work at their peak. However, that's a temperature range in which only a few of our users carry out their work. To perform at their best, these people must wear functional workwear that adapts to every work situation.

Our clothing systems are based on knowledge from more than 30 years of collaboration with climate physiologists at universities and colleges and some of Sweden's most experienced survival experts. We know what it takes to uphold one's performance and be able to make the right decisions when exposed to extreme cold or heat.

It's not only the elements that have an impact on a risk situation. The fabrics and materials we develop together with some of the world's leading suppliers set the standard for professionals who work outdoors in extreme conditions. This includes everything from innovative fabrics that protect against droplet-borne infections to advanced IR camouflage materials.

Knowledge feeds innovation, and gaining knowledge is an ever evolving process. We continue to inquire, explore, test and research to make our vision of creating the world's most durable workwear for the world's most demanding climate conditions a reality. It's part of our DNA.

Durable garments that pass the toughest tests.

Quality, adaptability and longevity are the reasons why some of the world's most risk-exposed professionals choose our garments. It's an investment that pays off, year after year. But durability is not only about the ability to last.

We develop our garments in Sweden and manufacture them in Europe to ensure a sustainable production chain with low environmental impact. This means shorter transports and better control of how our garments are made and how this impacts the environment. The goal is durable garments that protect you from nature's forces - all while the impact on nature is minimal.

Want to learn more about how we're developing the world's most durable workwear? Just call us, and we will tell you more.